Hello, there.


This is Bruce Tinsley. I write and draw Mallard Fillmore. This is my very first blog. Ever. I know it looks just like a “column”, or “piece”, but for reasons I don’t fully understand, it’s a blog. And I’m blogging, even as we speak, because it’s a verb, too.

I’m going to do it every week or so, if you, my loyal fans and my chronic critics, (and those of you who are both, like you, Mr. Calgie) like it.

I’m also doing it for myself. Because of all the things in my head that I can’t put into my comic strip, because they won’t fit. But, of course, the biggest reason I’m doing it is so I won’t be the only person in North America who doesn’t have a blog.

See you next week….


49 thoughts on “Hello, there.

    • I am over 70 years old. I don’t blog, or chat like I did 30 yrs. ago. Tonight, I woke up at 12:16 a.m., with a dream. I had to write it down. It was about Obama and a speech he was giving. He said. “Make no mistake about it, these are the people we need to be aware, the ‘KUDOSHINS!'” I got out of bed and proceeded to the computer. I didn’t believe the word even existed. But it does, but not in the plural. This is funny and ironical. And because it came to me out of a dream, the first place I thought to share this subconscious thought was to Mallard…..the first comic I read every morning!

    • I love reading your strip! I get so tired of being told what we can and cannot stand that we are criticized for sharing the truth. As if the fabricated truth that is spewed out will become reality. Of course, with the younger generation, they don’t question. They just follow like lemmings.

  1. Found your political comic strip, Mallard Fillmore, a couple of years ago. Didn’t take me too long to figure that you were the exception to the rule, that most comic strip writers and political cartoon strip writers are liberals. Love Mallard Fillmore since you say what many of us, normal, moderate to conservative Americans think about how the political system and society has changes and not for the better.

  2. Arctic sea ice as of 9/13/13 is the 6th lowest on record and & reinforces the downward trend in Arctic sea ice. Please get your fact straight.

  3. While we differ politically, I’ve regarded most of your commentary as relatively fair and your targets fair game. But the sea ice series bothers me. I read the *whole* article at reason.com. Since the 60% increase is up from a record low, and not yet back to where it started, you appear to be misrepresenting the overall article. Please take off your Fox News hat and return to skewering the many things that you can make fun of without needing to twist any facts. Hmmm, is that Fox News dig too much? Naah, MSNBC is very nearly as bad.

  4. Well, you and I both know of the increase of arctic sea ice coverage this year. I learned this information from the media, and I’m guessing you did too, so it’s disingenuous to say that the media is not covering this topic. The fact that you think this should be a big story shows your ignorance of basic science and mathematics. Measurements have shown us that the trend for many years has been for the ice coverage to decrease. No one with any intelligence would interpret this fact to mean the ice coverage would decrease every single year, especially following a year like 2012, when ice coverage was at a record low. The ice coverage increase in 2013 does not change the fact that, despite year to year ups and downs, over time the trend for ice coverage continues to decline. Your continued preaching about a topic you are ignorant of is doing a disservice to readers, and to our society.

    • I’m guessing that you didn’t do well in science or physics but excelled in insulting people you disagree with. Try a 200 or 300 college level class called Probability and Statistics, you will see the folly of your comments.

      The reference to the media coverage is due to the one sided coverage of the whole of “Global Warming” (it was global cooling when I was a kid). Did you hear that the main researchers were caught discussing how to maximize the impact of their distortions via email? In a more general comparison, did you know that vice president was found guilty of plagiarism? Did you know that it was Tina Fey and not Sara Palin that said she Russia from her house? Did you know that it was Barrack Obama who refused to negotiate during the shut down? Did you know that ongoing “budget issue” is because the Obama administration hasn’t passed a budget? Ever?

  5. Well Mallard, I am reacting to the news of Arctic Sea Ice being much greater than last year by noting that last year was one of the lowest on record and this year is still well below the 1980-2010 average and in fact some say still the sixth lowest on record. (http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/) So what is it about facts and science that you feel compelled to mislead about?

  6. I love your recent strips poking fun at the global-warming folk who don’t know the difference between “weather” and “climate.” Funny stuff. I also get a kick out your subtle (maybe too subtle for simple minds) shot at those who cherry-pick single-point data to support generalizations. Brilliant! You should contrast this stuff with Global Cooling, you know, from the so-called next (and “overdue”) ice age. That’ll confuse ‘em. (They won’t know whether they’re heating up or cooling down or why!) Keep up the good work. Fan for life…

  7. Loved your 2-box Mallard of “SHARK” hater. I wonder how many viewers got it! Run it again, maybe over and over for the slower. Thanks

  8. You should write a comic about how the Somalia pirate community is getting upset over the Pittsburgh Pirates use of the term.

  9. Bruce, Please tell Mallard that he is one of the best parts of my daily reading of the local newspaper. Bruce. is Mallard pronounced Mal-lard, as in a common duck or is it Ma- lard, as in one of the Hamptons elite ducks?

  10. Can’t wait to read your cartoon everyday! Breakfast, coffee and Mallard!
    Thank you for being the only sane cartoonist in the paper. The bonehead liberals just get to be so boring, I want to scream. Then I read you and all is well with the world!! Thanks so very much for your excellent work!

  11. Glad you gave into the peer pressure about blogging. It will only help your strip and broaden your voice when you deal with a topic that’s more controversial than normal (antarctic sea ice, et al). Now, about that Twitter thing… may I exert some peer pressure?!?

  12. Gee, we read you every day too, and were glad to hear the artic ice had increased. Now 3 commenters here give very good evidence that you “misrepresented the facts”, is the nice way of putting it. And I am a nice person, who hates all this name calling and labeling. Did we miss your apology about your “misrepresentation of facts” about the sea ice? Here was my feeble effort to summarize a very important report. http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2013/aug/14/letter-foolish-to-dismiss-problem-of-carbon-in/ Also, Speaker Boehner’s refusal to allow “the People’s House” to vote on the Senate Budget bill, is keeping our veterans’ offices and national parks closed. Have we missed your “spot on” criticism of that ONE person holding our veterans hostage?

  13. I’ve been a devoted reader for a few years now and it is one of the only three reasons I get a daily paper. Now that I can see it online, we are down to two. The topic of the polar ice seems to have struck a nerve. This is why I’m skeptical about the entire global warming issue. Let’s ignore for a moment that we can’t determine the weather (preciptation, temp, ect) tomorrow in a given fixed spot on the globe but they can accurately predict the temperature over the entire globe fifty years from now, if the globe was warming very gradually over the next 50 to 100 years, wouldn’t there be some benefits of that? Wouldn’t there be enviornments that previously had no growning season that could now generate produce? If we are melting ice and putting more water in the system, wouldn’t that create more rain and maybe make some deserts more sustainable? I’m no scientist, but I have commonsense, with all negative issues there are also positive issues. If this wasn’t all about picking winners and losers, a huge carbon credit industry, and ultimate control of every aspect of our lives by government, wouldn’t this topic be handled differently? I feel like I’m at a used car lot and the salesman just said, “isn’t she a beaut” when any global warming huckster like Big Al gets the podium.

  14. Thank you Tinsley, for ALL you do. A little insanity in ones view of the world is the only thing keeping us sane!
    Tony in Texas

  15. Bruce, if it weren’t for you and Chris Muir’s “Day By Day” comics, we’d have no where else to turn to get comics that aren’t slightly to heavily slanted to the America hating, ultra-socialist, welfare parasite loving lefties!

    The more you shine a light on the truth, the more those liberals howl in outrage- they’ve had a lock on most of the media, the schools, etc., for so long, they truly believe their lies should be the only option and the truth is hurtful, so it must be hidden away!

    Keep up the good fight and take pleasure every time these lefties attack you- it shows you’re doing what’s right!

  16. Love you Tinsley, a/k/a Mallard! Blog on! The “foam finger” reference today had me chuckling all through breakfast. Thanks for a daily treat.

  17. My husband and I enjoy Mallard Fillmore. In a day of political correctness and the ridiculous problem of people needing everyone to agree on all points, your comic strip is a breath of fresh air. In taking the opposite direction, you poke fun at the hypocrisy. We used to have stand-up comics poking fun at the Presidents, one-third of newspapers who weren’t afraid to share what was going wrong, and people wouldn’t throw a tantrum about an opposing opinion. Debate was relished. Reading your comic is so refreshingly because it takes what used to be true and still is: you treat the rich, powerful, and famous as equals to the public, and by your comic strip, you show then to be what they are, “All men are created equal.” *http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/

  18. In today’s strip you make fun of climate change scientists being stranded by snow. It is your contention that climate change means there will be no more snow? Are you that ill informed or just trying to create controversy?

  19. Apart from the fact that the vast majority of climatologists believe global warming is real, the concern (as you no doubt know) is that weather conditions are not only becoming warmer and sea levels rising, but weather conditions and storms are becoming much more intense. Note the recent monster typhoon that struck the Philippines, superstorm Sandy, the recent drought in Texas (leading to much higher beef costs), the ongoing drought in California. This was all predicted by none other than the Lefty Anti-Christ William Jefferson Clinton. So keep driving your five-mile-per-hour pick-up truck, and enjoy your condo in South Beach.

    So far, I have seen nothing in your cartoons that refute any of my strongly-held, bleeding-heart, lefty liberal beliefs.

  20. It is with much disappointment to learn Newsday will no longer be printing your comic strip daily.
    Your strip has started my day since inception. I have posted to Facebook my disappointment and hope to shame Newsday into placing your very much needed strip for all the people to see.
    Right On! I love the way you tell it like it is!

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  24. Bruce Tinsley:
I don’t suppose you will even bother reading this (if you can read) since I am a public school teacher. You obviously have nothing but contempt for all teachers. Your strip is not funny, not creative and definitely not amusing. It is mean-spirited, snotty, and made up of out-right fabrications (is that too big a word for you?) Your so-called ‘Comic Strip’ is rude and offensive to me and other teachers. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from my university. I spend countless unpaid hours in my classroom making sure I am doing the very best for my students. I work very hard teaching students what they need to know to prepare them for their future. In my eighteen-plus years of teaching, I have never met any teachers like those you caricature in your strip.
I can’t believe you get paid to ridicule and insult people who are dedicated to making the world a better place. There is nothing in your strip that is going to improve anyone’s life. Why don’t you ridicule drug dealers? Why not poke fun at murderers? Why not ridicule our government’s lawmakers’ pathetic excuses for polluting our planet? Why don’t you insult those people who go out of their way to make the world a stupider, meaner, uglier place? Oh, I forgot, I guess you can’t make fun of yourself.
You and Rush Limbaugh must be the best of buddies. You both are smug, ignorant, hypocritical, insulting, and rude. Neither of you do anything but try to bully those people who don’t think like you.
Next, I suppose you’ll start demeaning nurses, or crippled people, or nuns, or the mentally ill, or the mentally handicapped. Those groups would make good targets for you. Why don’t you just come out and blame teachers for all the world’s ills? Then you can start putting them in camps to torture and punish them for their crime. Too bad for you, Adolph Hitler already beat you to that one! That must have been a real disappointment. Think of all the funny comic strips you could have done with that idea! (Your diatribes are every bit as wrong, mean, and crazy as concentration camps, and also about as funny!)
Why don’t you come into my classroom, and see what I and countless other educators do every day, year after year? I guess that would be too hard, and you wouldn’t have the guts to admit you are wrong. I think you need a different job. You would do very well at cleaning out toilets, since that is about the level of your humor.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Mary Caddell

    Educator (and proud of it!)

  25. I’ll give you one reason, I have just found out that the “data” used in the “analysis” is worthless, the error bars are as big as the measurements.

  26. You hit the nail on the head in today’s comic strip. I quit working for the government after about two years. I just could not tolerate sitting on my arse
    trying to look busy all day,
    Now I own my own business, in 30 years of doing business I have learned that the retired government supervisors are the hardest to deal with. The higher up they were the dumber they seemed to be.
    The cream definitely does not rise to the top in government service.

  27. In case you missed it:
    Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, April 1, 2015:
    In the news, “President Barack Obama shortened the prison sentences of nearly two dozen drug convicts, including eight serving life in prison, in an act the White House said continues Obama’s push to make the justice system fairer by reducing harsh sentences that were handed down under outdated guidelines.”
    Comment: more drug dealers back on the streets……sooner.

  28. Bruce, As a Goldwater Conservative (now commonly referred to as a RINO), I am embarrassed by Donald Trump. Must be difficult for you too. For example, today’s cartoon is such a stretch. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to use material from Donald?
    Loved you in the past, but staying true to Conservatism in this election is really trying.

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