“Holiday-Food” Cartoons


’Tis the season for me to get lots of hate mail for my right-wing, mean-spirited, bigoted, Neanderthal position on….food. Yeah. Some of my most controversial cartoons are, apparently, the ones in which I make fun of what passes for food around “The Holidays”.

My response to the aforementioned emails has been to do even more such cartoons. For years now, I’ve made an annual ritual of warning merrymakers about the dangers of pseudo-foods like prepackaged “stuffing”, canned “cranberry sauce” and anything that originates with the ubiquitous “can of cream-of-mushroom soup”.

The most common charge I get is that I’m an “elitist”, because of this. Only I could get tagged as a snob for preferring cheaper, more basic food over mass-produced, prepared stuff.

I’m not pushing “fancy food”, here. On the contrary, my holiday-food tastes are as retrograde as my politics: old-fashioned mashed potatoes made from actual potatoes, for instance, and things made from other perennial populist staples, like lard, and flour, and cut-up stale bread (for stuffing, or “dressing” as folks where I’m from call it).

So, while I’m bracing myself for yet another round of holiday vitriol from quickie-food fans, here’s an  incendiary food-toon from the past to hold you over…


And, since food is on the table, check out my, and 40-something other cartoonists’, food cartoons  in Marion Nestle’s new book, “Eat Drink Vote, an Illustrated Guide to Food Politics”, at these links:



56 thoughts on ““Holiday-Food” Cartoons

  1. Mmm. Food! I prefer the real stuff too. And for those who complain about food comics this time of year, I say “Stuff it!” (pun intended). Ignore them. They have too thin of skin not to be offended at anything outside their tiny circle of experience.

  2. I think you should focus, not only on BO’s ears, but on the length of his nose. Like Pinocchio’s. Make it longer every time he tells a lie. Of course you will quickly run out of space.

  3. I’m surprised your holiday-related strips over the past few weeks have been so benign. I remember clearly a Thanksgiving strip you published 2-3 years ago, when you claimed Thanksgiving was a Christian holiday to the exclusion of all other Americans and that the focus of the holiday should be solely on the religious struggle of the Pilgrims. Guess you finally realized such a sentiment ran counter to the holiday’s universally recognized themes of togetherness and giving thanks and that all Americans, even Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and members of any other spiritual stripe deserved to celebrate Thanksgiving just as much as evangelist Christians. Moving forward to Christmas, I’m surprised you haven’t published any strips regarding Fox News’ made-up “War on Christmas,” although there’s still plenty of time left until Dec. 25. Maybe you and Megyn Kelly could have a brainstorming session.

  4. Bacon scent is clearly an aphrodisiac know only to a select few. But a more important matter, especially one concerning Ducks, is the trampling of the right of free speech by A&E on Phil Robertson. Slowly the Bill Of Rights is being eliminated from the constitution.

  5. Mallard, What do you mean by “B.C.S.”? I am one of your faithful readers and would really like to get what you are saying.. Despite all in my family are well educated, all of us are just guessing on what that acronym means.

    • “Bowl Championship Series”, the screwed up way the NCAA decides which major college football team is crowned national champion. No play off, just some computer program that decides which two teams get to play each other. Most fans want a real play off, just like every other level of football, and all the other team sports have.

  6. Wow, you made it to Christmas without a single vulgar or partisan comment related to any of the holidays. I’m shocked. Of course, I’ll be more shocked if you keep your mouth shut as we lead up to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. You have never missed an opportunity to belittle the importance of that holiday or to call it a giveaway to government employees. Bigotry and hate can only simmer under the surface for so long, and I’ll bet you’re dying to get back into the game after such a long hiatus.

  7. Hi Bruce! I’m the co-founder of J&D’s Foods (www.jdfoods.net) and a fan of Mallard Fillmore. You mentioned our Bacon Deodorant in a cartoon published on 12-20 and I was hoping to speak with you about it but can’t find your contact info. Any chance we could buy the original? We want to hang it on the wall in the office. Thanks.

  8. Stop acting so outraged that President Obama took a “selfie” with a foreign dignitary during the Nelson Mandela funeral. Considering your disrespect for Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m guessing you could care less about Nelson Mandela. If it were a Republican who snapped the photo, you probably wouldn’t even be mentioning it.

  9. Nice touch ignoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Jan. 20, 2014, but wishing your readers a “Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day” the day after. You couldn’t resist, could you?

  10. “Global warming” refers to an average increase in global temperatures, which has been documented. It doesn’t mean every day of the year is going to be 90 degrees. But, then, I’m wasting my breath telling this to someone who thinks Donald Trump and Sarah Palin know more about climate science than the actual scientists.

    NOAA: 2013 Was Fourth Hottest Year on Record
    By AP News, 1-22-14
    WASHINGTON — The sweltering year of 1988 first put global warming in the headlines and ended up as the hottest year on record. But on Tuesday, it was pushed out of the top 20 warmest by 2013.

    Last year tied for the fourth hottest and 1988 fell to 21st.

    The average world temperature was 58.12 degrees (14.52 Celsius) tying with 2003 for the fourth warmest since 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.

    At the same time, NASA, which calculates records in a different manner, ranked last year as the seventh warmest on record, with an average temperature of 58.3 degrees (14.6 Celsius). The difference is related to how the two agencies calculate temperatures in the Arctic and other remote places and is based on differences that are in the hundredths of a degree, scientists said.

    Both agencies said nine of the 10th warmest years on record have happened in the 21st century. The hottest year was 2010, according to NOAA.

    The reports were released as a big snowstorm was hitting the U.S. East Coast.

    “There are times such as today when we can have snow even in a globally warmed world,” said Gavin Schmidt, deputy director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies in New York. “But the long term trends are not going to disappear … Quite frankly people have a very short memory when it comes to climate and weather.”

    Those longer trends show the world has seen “fairly dramatic warming” since the 1960s with “a smaller rate of warming over the last decade or so,” said Thomas Karl, director of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. In the past 50 years, the world annual temperature has increased by nearly 1.4 degrees (0.8 degrees Celsius), according to NOAA data.

    Unlike 2012, much of the worst heat and biggest climate disasters last year were outside the U.S. Parts of central Asia, central Africa and Australia were record warm. Only a few places, including the central U.S., were cooler than normal last year.

    Temperatures that were only the 37th warmest for the nation last year. That followed the warmest year on record for the U.S.

    Last year, the world had 41 billion-dollar weather disasters, the second highest number behind only 2010, according to insurance firm Aon Benfield, which tracks global disasters. Since 2000, the world has averaged 28 such billion dollar disasters, which are adjusted for inflation.

    Nearly half of last year’s biggest weather disasters were in Asia and the Pacific region, including Typhoon Haiyan, which killed at least 6,100 people and caused $13 billion in damage to the Philippines and Vietnam. Other costly weather disasters included $22 billion from central European flooding in June, $10 billion in damage from Typhoon Fitow in China and Japan, and a $10 billion drought in much of China, according to the insurance firm.

    Usually the weather event called El Nino, a warming of the central Pacific, is responsible for boosting already warm years into the world’s hottest years. But in 2013, there was no El Nino.

    The fact that a year with no El Nino “was so hot tells me that the climate really is shifting,” said Andrew Dessler, a Texas A&M University climate scientist, who was not part of either the NOAA or NASA teams.

  12. While Lyndon Johnson’s prosecution of the Vietnam war was grossly deficient, it was not “his” war. The decision to start the Second Indochina War was made in early January 1959 in Fifteenth Plenum of the [Vietnamese] Communist Party Central Committee [Mark Moyar, “Triumph Forsaken,” p. 83, and was given a promise of support by Mao Zedong [Moyar, ibid., pp. 83-84]. Lien-Hang T. Nguyen’s “Hanoi’s War” (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012), based on Vietnamese Communist archives, says that the motivating force for conquering South Vietnam came from Le Duan, a hard-liner who stayed behind the scenes.

      • That’s the problem. Bruce Tinsley’s publisher and his fans see “Mallard Fillmore” as the conservative equivalent of “Doonesbury,” but that’s not the case. Many of the “conservative” viewpoints he puts forth have nothing to do with social or economic conservatism in the traditional sense. Here are some examples of what I mean.

        Mr. Tinsley denies that climate change is real and makes infantile statements to prove his point (e.g., it’s cold outside today, so global warming can’t be real). Climate-change denial and anti-environmentalism are not core conservative values; they’re part of an alternative narrative promoted by Roger Ailes, the Koch Brothers and other prominent Republicans who disseminate such misinformation to anger the Republican voting base and preserve their corporate profits, which would be lessened if they were forced to comply with stricter environmental standards. Even most libertarians (who believe in minimal government regulation) will admit that there is little or no free-market pressure to force private businesses to be environmentally responsible, so Mr. Tinsley and those like him just pretend human beings don’t have the capacity to damage the environment at all.

        Mr. Tinsley is unabashedly racist (e.g., comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in importance to Squirrel Appreciation Day in a 2013 strip). Even the staunchest of social conservatives can’t claim (at least not publicly) that racism is a prerequisite to his belief system.

        Mr. Tinsley’s politics are heavily influenced by the Tea Party movement. In addition to the examples above, he believes strongly (as previously stated through his title character) that compromise is a sign of weakness and that it’s O.K. for politicians to be obstinate and to bring the entire political system to a halt if they don’t get everything they want. Again, this is not traditionally defined conservatism; it is obstructionism, which someone from any political stripe could choose to believe in, but isn’t reflective of core conservative values.

        You’re right that Jim or any other unsympathetic reader could just turn the page and ignore Mr. Tinsley, but it’s important to ensure that readers don’t equate him or his strip with mainstream conservatism. If that were to happen, people would begin to allow such radical beliefs to go unchallenged. A good way to prevent this is to call him out on his nonsense, letting him know that free speech is a two-way street and that if he says something abhorrent or with no basis in fact, his critics will let him know.

  13. Hey I know it’s a right wing cartoon strip but I couldn’t help but compare todays cartoon about Cuomo’s Pro Life comments to Rick Perry’s comments on Gays and Texas. He basically said he doesn’t see any reason for gays to be comfortable in Texas and it might be best if they just moved to another state.

  14. Nice touch, drawing Hillary with the evil, knowing grin. I’m sure you think she put the guns in the terrorists’ hands, herself. I can’t wait to see your face when she takes the oath of office in 2017.

  15. I liked today’s (2/22/2014) strip, which proved once again that you have a tenuous grip on reality, Mr. Tinsley.

    1) There has never been any evidence that President Obama or any member of his cabinet ordered or guided the IRS to scrutinize Tea Party tax-exempt applications. As much as you’d like President Obama to be personally responsible for the scandal, he’s not.

    2) How does the Dinesh D’Souza indictment prove that he was targeted for being a conservative? In fact, Mr. D’Souza’s lawyer stated that he “did not act with any corrupt or criminal intent,” but that he was, at worst, guilty of “an act of misguided friendship.” To me, that sounds like his lawyer is admitting he violated campaign finance laws, but didn’t mean to. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law, and the fact that Mr. D’Souza is a conservative does not mean he gets a free pass because prosecuting a conservative would appear to paranoid individuals like you as retribution.

    3) What does Ben Carson have to do with President Obama not acting “presidential?” As far as I know, President Obama hasn’t criticized Mr. Carson and Mr. Carson hasn’t been “targeted” by the government in any way. Why not put “Sarah Palin” or “Ted Cruz” as the headline? It would make just as much sense.

    By the way, as much as I’m sure your fans love reading about your Thanksgiving food musings in February, you may want to update your blog.

  16. The Ventura County Star has decided to drop Mallard Fillmore. The reason stated was that Mallard Fillmore is printed to offset the left leaning cartoon Dunesbury and that Dunesbury is going on a long term hiatus. Dunesbury will be only in the paper on Sundays and Mallard Fillmore will be dropped totally. Seems to me this is another step of the left to silence right views. Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the left I am sure.

  17. My liberal newspaper is no longer carrying Mallard Fillmore & I miss him!! Is there a web site i could go to daily to read his comments??

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