Mallard Creator Makes Fun of Fellow Cartoonist!



How unprofessional can I be? This week I’ll be making fun of cartoonist Jake Tapper, who anchors news and GOP debates on the side. (Actually, Jake is a good cartoonist. Anchoring debates? You decide.)

Plus, on Wednesday, “How to know if your candidate still has a chance,” the ultimate test comes October 31…

And remember all those kids victimized by draconian (and stupid) “Zero Tolerance” policies at school? Suddenly, the president cares, too!…

Also, “what Volkswagen SHOULD have done”.

All this week in Mallard….


One thought on “Mallard Creator Makes Fun of Fellow Cartoonist!

  1. The true test of a political cartoonist is if they can capture Hillary Clinton’s true image. So far Bruce you have done just that, keep up the good work.
    Great job with B.O. also.

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