Mallard SHAMED!!



On Wednesday, Mallard admits he was terribly wrong, and alert readers caught it!

But first: “Student Athlete” an Oxy-Moron?…this week, Mallard celebrates the start of the college-basketball season!

Also, he faces the grim reality of the passing years…his favorite bar is gentrifying before his very eyes.

And, as always, every comic strip is 100 percent gluten-free!


3 thoughts on “Mallard SHAMED!!

  1. Yes, you should be ashamed! Of all the comic strips I read this is the ONE that I depend on to show patriotism. Yet, today, November 11th, you don’t say anything about Veterans Day??? Shame on you!

  2. Peter L. is correct. I am a loyal supporter of Mallard Fillmore and a veteran, I fly my flag every Veterans Day and especially Memorial Day in honor for those that served our country. This oversight of not mentioning Veterans Day will not sway me in my belief that Mallard Fillmore should be the next President of the United States of America, but don’t let it happen again.

  3. good job Mallard. We are all human and make mistakes. Thank you for giving a bit of sanity to a world gone nuts!

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