Pluto, redux


Pluto’s in the news again, because it may be reinstated as a full-fledged planet again. That’s great with me, nostalgia-wise. On the other hand, my fear is that the whole thing’s gonna be decided democratically; if enough people WANT Pluto to be a planet, then it’s a planet.


I’m speaking from experience, here; I was raised in the Age of Relativism. Most of my teachers’ mantras were themes and variations on, “nothing is either ‘better or worse’…everything is relative”. So, my generation, and those since, think EVERYTHING’S relative. Two plus two equals whatever I feel as though it should equal, so I should get an “A” in math. No nation’s government is really better or worse; thinking that is judgmental (the single most terrible thing to be, in 21st Century America). American students rank near the bottom in every academic category EXCEPT “how well they THINK they’re doing” academically.

The one thing students apparently DON’T think is relative? Grades. Just try giving one a “D,” and telling him or her, “no grade is really ‘better, or worse; everything is relative”…

And, how would I vote in the Pluto election? I say let’s make EVERYTHING OUT THERE a planet, so nothing feels left out. I got the idea from the system we use to hand out diplomas.


31 thoughts on “Pluto, redux

  1. I hope after the election today that a return to “Normalcy” is coming. Maybe Hillary will see the hand writing on the wall and ride off into the sunset on her broom.

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  6. your comic is literally the antithesis to Calvin & Hobbes: lazily scrawled, unfunny, right-wing, preachy, full of talking heads with no action whatsoever (see Watterson’s satirical comic from Nov. 11, 1987), nonexistent characters, and all-around awful. congrats, i guess?

  7. You’re a transmysogynistic piece of shit, and your comics are unimpressive trash–less of a comic, and just some goofy stylized duck acting as a mouthpiece for your bigoted opinions. Go fuck yourself.

  8. silkthread on November 9, 2014 at 11:28 pm: Such intelligent post! (NOT!) If you have nothing more to say than exposing your lack of tact and your limited vocabulary, than go to some blog where such filthy language is acceptable and appreciated.

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  11. Hmm, this must be a very interesting and thought provoking message to have attracted all these incredibly intelligent spambots! 🙂 Well done sir. I am impressed by your apparent demographic.

  12. glad you’re saying it like it is. im sick and tired of these tranny kids invading my children’s spaces. kill them all, and let them rot in hell.

  13. Compliments on your incredible display of the most incapable person in the whole world to ever even think of running for president. Outstanding! Please keep up the good work… (Your best friend and mine, Dave Garcia)

  14. The previous was in reference to lol on November 20, 2014 at 2:40 am. I guess the reply feature on this thread does not reply to the actual comment.

  15. Mallard has been often impossible to open on this website as of late. Not sure exactly why but, I can go to the Seattle newspaper and it opens fine.

  16. Mike- I go to Arcamax to open it when it doesn’t open here. King Features needs to work on their sites, as all of them are hard to open correctly.

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