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Free Speech is dying on college campuses, and lots of college administrators apparently think that’s great! Wimpy schools, from Missouri to Dartmouth, are siding with conformity and censorship against independent thought and contending ideas, which are what universities used to say they were all about.

The Mainstream Media don’t seem to care, either; they do lots of stories about kids who feel “uncomfortable” hearing ideas that they disagree with, but very few about the way these kids bully and shut down other students, speakers and teachers with whom they disagree.

Here are a couple of links to websites that aren’t afraid to tell you the whole story:

Campus censorship right now is a terrifying threat to the future of our Republic, a form of government that requires an informed citizenry to stay alive. How long until “Free speech is the bedrock of a free society” is replaced with the Missouri communications professor’s rallying cry to rough-up a reporter, “Can we get some muscle over here?!”


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    • tinsley is an idiot. apparently free speech is people not contesting idiotic views. and tinsley has idiotic views and if he was in public i would tell him that. If that is shutting down public comment so be it.

  1. Strange you should mention “Anti-Japanese Backlash” in your 7 December strip. I’m sure someone who knows history as well as you do remembers Executive Order 9066, which is not considered America’s finest moment.

    • As a reminder, J. Edgar Hoover opposed locking the Japanese-Americans. It was governor of California, Earl Warren, that persuaded FDR. FYI, only those dwelling in California, Oregon and Washington state were interred.

  2. While it is a terrible thing to do with citizens, think what would have happened if they were not relocated when the news of the slaughter of Wake Island Defenders and the Bataan Death March. I am sure the same people that condemned the relocation would be condemning not relocating them when many beatings and murders occurred. The relocation was a dark day in U.S. history but would have been much darker if it did not happen.

    • So Japanese Americans were relocated to prison camps for their own protection, Hollywood Graham? Don’t defend the indefensible.

      • “Don’t defend the indefensible.”

        I hope you remember that phrase the next time someone says that the sacred word “Choice” makes killing a baby just fine and dandy.

  3. This is all a part of the left’s continued pussification/wussification of America. “Political Correctness’ and ‘Safe Spaces’ will be, or already is, the bane of America’s future. When these students leave college and reality gives them the swift kick ass that they all deserve, it will be too late for them. Life is meant to be easy, it’s meant to be a struggle to get better in the face of adversity and not kowtow to the conformist ideology. The people of this once great nation are becoming sheep at ever quickening pace.

  4. Check out Purdue. No tuition increases in several years. President Mitch Daniels knows how to maintain financial discipline.

  5. Joe, You must have been educated in the L.A. City Schools. Read my entry it says, think what would happen if they had not been relocated. I did not say that was the reason. For your information many Chinese were beaten for being mistaken for Japanese. You need to comprehend what you read Joe.

    • Oh, I fully comprehend what you wrote, Sam. You’re saying that even though innocent Japanese Americans were imprisoned and had their property stolen from them by their own government, the silver lining is that they weren’t around to be victims of biased crimes perpetrated by the general public. There is no silver lining here, Sam. Japanese-American internment was a stain on American history, one that we, as a nation, never truly acknowledged.

  6. Your 1/20 strip strikes a chord with me. I always angrily hang up on pollsters. Especially when it’s clear that they don’t care what I think but are asking leading questions in order to manufacture results that can be released as news.

    I would love to see the “hang ups” among the poll tallies.

    When they say that 750 people out of 1000 surveyed believe something, it seems like there’s a solid majority. If they would say that among 10,000 people polled, 750 said yes, 250 said no and 9,000 said “get bent” and hung up, it would create a very different impression.

  7. I did go and check out the

    While I have been annoyed by the attacks on freedom of speech on college campuses, this site was so far to the right that the snap to the right hurt my neck!

  8. Tinsley,

    Your recent comics about Hillary and the Super Delegates is spot on. It should be one person one vote…let’s go by the raw, popular vote! Oh wait, she’s leading 56% to 42% there also. And she’s received more votes than any single candidate on the Republican ticket. What now brown cow?

  9. Does this figure include sales taxes? If yes, I believe it. But, that’s not why I’m posting.

    Your thoughtless usage of “the average American” cannot go unchallenged.

    Are you average? Are your kids average? Is the average American tall? Fat? Red? Blue? Purple??
    Let’s face it, nobody wants to be seen as merely average. Vague, inaccurate terms like “average American,” only serve to unfairly lump people into unnecessary groupings.
    Averages are for numbers, not people. People — and other things — can not, and should not, be averaged.
    To do so truly demeans us all.
    So, for example, instead of “The average American will spend more,” you would write: “On average, Americans will spend….”
    Or, “On average, each each American spends ….”
    You get the idea. There are many other more correct ways to present the information.
    So, PLEASE, try not to average everybody from now on.

    Also, please remember that an average is not a range of numbers, it is one numeral; the mathematical result obtained by dividing the sum of quantities by the number of quantities.
    To use a range of numbers and call it an average merely shows the vagueness of a lazy writer. Since I know you do not wish to be viewed as such, I am sure you will take this opportunity to alter your practice in this matter.

    By the way, this particular form of expression is very common; most people don’t even think about what it is really saying. You are not the first writer I’ve sent this letter to, nor – I’m sure! – will you be the last. This is just my small way of trying to improve LIFE for everyone.

    reader and thinker

  10. Loved your April 17, 2016 strip that implied that Hillary Clinton had no political experience – or I would if this were the year 2000. I guess you don’t consider 8 years as a U.S. senator and 4 years as secretary of state germane political experience. Also, your implication that the Claire Underwood character on “House of Cards” has no political experience shows that you haven’t watched a single episode. While the character hasn’t held political office, she is portrayed as an equal and indispensable partner in her husband’s political career. Don’t worry, though. None of your loyal readers are capable of understanding any of the above. They’ll roar with laughter over your lazy and inaccurate comparison.

  11. Bruce: Just wanted to share a quote for Memorial Day.
    “Poor indeed is a nation without heroes — Shameful is one that having them —
    Jerry L. Russell
    Founder of the National Civil War Round Table societies.

  12. Today’s strip, 5/30/16, continues a dangerous stereotype that needs to be rectified. Too many Veteran’s stay away from VA Hospitals thinking their care would be sub-par, when the opposite is true. The process for Veteran’s benefits is separate from obtaining health care through the VA. VA Health Care has been demonstrated to be superior to the private sector. Gaining disability benefits is another matter. Everyone gets confused over the distinctions.

    I retired after serving Veterans for 30 years at my VA Hospital. I cannot tell you the number of military men who used up all of their insurance benefits; their life savings; sold their houses to pay for care, only to realize: ‘I should have come here first’.

    Your comic strip today set us back again. Please be careful what you say and how you say it. Even those ‘great number’ of Veterans who died while waiting on appointments were found to have been the natural attritian rate for their age group.

    You cannot compare general population statistics to VA Care statistics: apples to oranges. We take care of older, primarily male patients, many who have not lived the most healthful life. To compare that group to the general population is inaccurate.

  13. In today’s strip you have it all wrong. HB2 and Pat McCrory are telling people where to go to the bathroom. Obama is telling them they can figure it out for themselves.

  14. Your cartoonish renderings of both Hillary and Donald are the most accurate ones I have seen. I guess if one of those wins the presidential election we will have a cartoon character for President.

  15. Those “less government control over their lives” people these days include pro-choice advocates, those who oppose HB2 and its ilk, and all those who don’t believe in government codifying religious beliefs

  16. You are obviously a conservative cartoonist and love attacking liberals, but I find it hard to believe you can’t find a few more things to skewer in likely the most egotistical, narcissistic, profane, loose cannon, and sociopathic flip-flopper prevaricator ever to enter the Presidential race.
    (I could probably come up with a few more adjectives but those suffice for the moment).
    I don’t see how Mallard can ignore such a target rich foil as The Donald (?).
    Unless of course, you’d really like to see him as president (double gasp).

  17. Thank you for suggesting we should google Obama & Deval Patrick. The Snopes article came up. Obama & Patrick are friends; Patrick suggested Obama use his words. Can you say the same of Mrs Trump and Mrs Obama?

  18. It appears that the Republican Party does not want to win this election or they would not have let Trump get this far. I think they know the economy is going to crash and would rather blame the rightful party that caused it.

    • The free speech on college campuses meme is an important one. U.S. universities now appear to be more a study in facism in action than bastions of free speech.

      • Study in facism? That’s just not true. I’ve got two kids in college now, and I’m pretty sure facism is not what they’re experiencing. You use a powerful word lightly, and incorrectly.

        And again I’ll say MF is the worst excuse for a comic strip ever.

  19. Um, huh? Does anyone think this is remotely funny? MF is absurdlt stupid. You conservatives should find better representation. Maybe David Brooks.

  20. Love Mallard. But climate graphs are not political.
    Please just look carefully at the Vostok ice core graph – temperature, CO2, methane levels, throughout the last 400,0005 years and now. Extrapolate temperature for levels of CO2 and methane. If you still want to make a statement about ever changing climate, then go ahead.

  21. Look forward to your thoughts everyday! Thank you for being right on with what is going on in this world now! Hope to see you in my newspaper for many years to come! Love Mallard Fillmore and his humor! God Bless you.

  22. Yes Mallard, Who ever wins will be a great costume for Halloween. Either will be, as you have shown, great caricatures for cartoons.

  23. Really wouldn’t work. If you were to lean as far left as our mainstream media is, you would be almost horizontal.

  24. Hey Tinsely, you’re only a few weeks away from the one year anniversary of your “latest” blog post. Do you have anything to say about anything? I mean, aside from your daily comic which is a few weeks behind. We will wait a few weeks to get your take on the outcome of the election. Since, you don’t have any interest in keeping this blog current, I’m not expecting your Obama holding the sign thing to go anywhere until maybe 2018 or maybe 2019 or not. (Did you forget your password?)

  25. Regarding nov 16, 2016 comic published in the Orange County Register about emotional support animals.
    My son recently died.
    I have a dog that has provided comfort to me and have a letter from my Dr qualifying him as an Emotional Support Animal.
    Want to make fun of that?

  26. James Hay, The Hill, really, that is your source? Maybe a few incidents occurred that are intolerable about the election of B.O.. but even you must admit there was no riots, looting or crying by Romney voters. I feel ashamed of the actions that Dems, Anarchist, Socialist/Communist and Liberals have acted like over Trumps election. I am not a Trump fan but I support him till he makes bad choices like B.O. has. Find a reputable news source in the future.

  27. Your current focus on “Hamilton” is misguided at best, deceiving at worst. I suspect it’s deceptive and that that is your intent. I love funny political satire regardless of who may be its intended target; however, your strip, Mr. Tinsley, leans toward dull and humorless. “The Family Circus” is often more amusing.

  28. Dear Mr Tinsley.

    I am excittedly wating for next week’s Mallard strip to “discuss” the fake Pizzagate news story by that caused Edgar Madison Welch to “self investigate” the fake story. You know, he took loaded firearms into a public establisment, children present, and discharged one of the weapons.

    Should you need any assistance in parsing the facts and putting together the story, please let me help.

    This should be good for a whole week.

    • Sorry about the misspellings, a new keyboard is on the way from Amazon. This one skips and bounces.

      And I didn’t proof my posting. My bad.

  29. “And I’m blogging, even as we speak, because it’s a verb, too.

    I’m going to do it every week or so, if you, my loyal fans and my chronic critics, (and those of you who are both, like you, Mr. Calgie) like it.”

    from Bruce Tinsley’s inaugural bog post on September 23, 2013.

    16 posts in a little over 3 years. Good work Bruce.

    I get that blogging isn’t putting any food on the family (remember that delightful malapropism from GWB? Maybe you were busy railing against fruitcake or folksingers at that time.) So yeah, once is week was probably a bit ambitious for a guy with your workload.

    Maybe 2017 will b a better year for you. Maybe at some point in the coming year think about drawing something new for the lower right hand corner.

    I have been a longtime follower. I guess I’m one of those critics, but I think I do try to honor something that used to reside in a description of your strip on one of the syndicate pages. “Americans need a break, not a lecture” or something like that. So I’ll keep following you to see how things shake out. I do hope you have some of that “truth to power” left over for this upcoming administration. We’re going to need it more that bacon scented deodorant and “War on Christmas” observations.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bruce (and happy belated birthday to this particular blog post. It turned a year old on Nov. 30.)

  30. I AM a working class American. I do not need media to tell me what Trump is about—he tells me every time he opens his mouth that he is deplorable, that he has deplorable ideas about what constitutes being an American or a good person, Christian or otherwise. Secretary Clinton was far too kind. The only things more deplorable than Trump himself is anyone who supports the words that roll out of his mouth or the ideas those words represent.

  31. Bruce Tinsley,
    Your “comic strip” in this mornings paper (January 19, 2017) shows how rude and obnoxious you are! Sure you can snipe all you want about liberal ideas and the people who support them, but to sink so low as to share one last hateful strip about President and Mrs. Obama on their last day in the White House is disgusting!

    • As compared to the intense hatred of the liberal media towards President Trump and his entire family now, one comic strip about that savage, Osama-Obama, that fat ass and UGLY “wife” of his along with those two hideous sons, I mean, daughters….. I think it was well deserved for the damage that ‘man’ (and I use the term VERY loosely ) to this country.

  32. Imagine if those that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected did what they said. There would be no looney entertainment people to lead the ignorant masses.

  33. Please do not paint all academics with the same brush. I started teaching during the McCarthy – Nixon reign of “anti-communist” terror. I had to sign a loyalty oath for each and every paycheck. Please remember that for every liberal-arts, or journalism, major on the picket lines; there are engineers, mathematicians, and physical scientists hard at work preparing to make the technological advances upon which other professionals depend.

  34. OK, so you’ve finally admitted that you hate Trump. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Surely you feel better about yourself than you did when you were ignoring everything Trump did, and writing about scientific experiments no one cares about, and a Meryl Streep speech that was almost a month old. Krauthammer hates Trump. George Will hates Trump. You can do it, too. Nobody’s going to take away your conservative T-Shirt if you actually say what you think, rather than falling in line like all the spineless Republican senators. Go for it!

    • Right on, Teed. Well stated. I am an independent conservative. I don’t approve of everything President Trump is doing or quite how he has handle one or two items. However, I am still in full support of him over what Hil-Liar-ly would be doing to this country right now. President Trump is about to seat a CONSERVATIVE to the Supreme Court. With a little luck, Ginsberg is going to take a dirt nap VERY soon ( rooting for a PAINFUL heart attack ). He would then nominate SECOND conservative judge. Can you imagine if that crooked bitch had those two seats to fill? This country would be screwed for the next FORTY YEARS!!!!!

      • One or two things? He is not a conservative in any sense of the word. He is populist like Huey Long, in so far as he has any convictions at all. He wants to restrict the gun rights of people on no fly zones, start stimulus programs that are bigger than Obama’s, and force businesses to keep jobs that are no longer economically viable in the free market. If you have any principles other than blind party loyalty, you won’t support him.

  35. I have not watched any awards shows for the better part of 10 years. And with each passing year, it becomes even more apparent why I don’t. Who really wants to sit through 2 hours of boring preaching from a bunch of elitist, liberal dumba**es who are so far out of touch with what a good chunk of America is thinking (not “feeling” – THINKING). Their agenda of getting up and preaching environmental issues they know nothing about, the endless pushing of the homosexual choice of lifestyle along with the mental illness of transgender whatever and the intense HATRED they have for anybody who does not subscribe to their sick way of feeling (again, feeling – not THINKING). Thinking takes a brain, and those sick Hollywood types don’t have a single brain cell between the lot of them.

  36. How about one room, many sinks for washing hands, many stalls with doors that close, and many people using the facilities with no whining.

  37. no — there is a political football. it’s whether or not the seat is left in the up position, or if it’s down and wet.

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